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home, secretary of state john kerry is remaining in the region. he has a pair of meetings today, one of them with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. that's taking place in jordan. another one that will take place over dinner with the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu of israel. just another signal of just how important this issue is to the administration as they're showing once again their commitment to try to revive these peace talks. alex? >> all right, peter, thank you so much. >>> here at home the senate passed its first budget in four years, this during an all-night session. the nonbinding blueprint passed by a near party line vote. before its passage the senate spent several hours taking up dozens of amendments. >> average voteorama, 35 amendments. we've done 70, twice as many. doing this has been a herculean feat. >> i know everyone is exhausted and you may not feel it at the moment, but this is one of the senate's finest days in recent years and i commend everyone who has participated in this extraordinary debate. >> some of the amendments had nothing to do with the bu
.com and click on hot topics. >>> secretary of state john kerry makes a surprise trip to baghdad. kerry has been meeting with the leaders with other middle eastern nations. earlier he traveled to saudi arabia and egypt. last week he accompanied president obama to egypt. this is kerry's first trip to iraq after becoming secretary of state. >>> pope francis celebrated his first palm sunday mass in st. peters square. he road in a modified pope mobile. there was no class casing protecting him. 250,000 people gathered for the mass. the pope urged them to be humble and young at heart. he kept his spontaneous style and broke away several time from his prepared text he urged folks to lead simple yet productive lives. clergy and pilgrims palm and a live branches during that. >> today is the first sunday of spring. just a beautiful day out there. let's turn to rosemagoing to se a near repeat. even slightly warmer for some of our inland locations. tonight a little bit of a transition. first things first outside our door this morning it's a cool one once again giving you a live look there over the east bay
candidates john edwards and talk about carrying on her legacy with the elizabeth edwards foundation and the trim uhms of and tragedies. >>> let's head inside, natalie has a second look at the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. gunfire at the u.s. marine corps base in quantico, virginia, has left three marines dead. officials say one marine fatally shot a male and female colleague last night and took his own life after a standoff with authorities. lockdown at the base which is south of washington, d.c., was lifted this morning. >>> a possible suspect in the murder of the colorado prison's director was shot and captured by police on thursday after a high-speed chase that ended in decatur, texas. police say 28-year-old evan ebel was driving a car similar to the one near tom clements. ebel fired at officers who tried to pull him over. he was convicted of several crimes in colorado including assaulting a prison guard in 2008. >>> president obama paid his respects this morning at israel's memorial to jewish victims of the holocaust. he said with the survival of the strong jewish state
about kelly ayotte and how she's been involved. they are the three amigos, john mccain, lindsey graham and joe lieberman, when joe lieberman retired, they were in search of a third amiga and they found kelly ayotte, someone who is very articulate, who has a legal history and is obviously someone who's a tougher lawmaker who's really sort of latched on to these issues and made them her own. i don't know exactly what she's planning to do with that, but it's interesting to watch because it's automatically given her a platform on issues that clearly get talked about. i think that's one of the most important things about women being involved in this committee. we always talk about these issues. host: we're talking about the female senators that sit on the senate armed services committee, the impact it's having on military issues. here is kelly ayotte during the committee vote on the nomination of chuck hagel to become defense secretary. >> this nomination in a very different place. i very much agree with my colleague, senator reed, who is here as he describes the state of our country and ou
. >> thank you, mr. chairman. as intense as i might want to end on the n.c.a.a. picks, in light of what john asked, given the unprecedented nature of fed policy and the uncertainty around the equity strategy, how much do feel personally responsible to be at the helm when the decisions are made? how does that affect your future? at the last press conference, you said you had spoken to them you said you had not spoken to the president about your future. can you tell us whether or not you had that conversation? >> i have spoken to the president a bit, but i do not have any information for you at this juncture. i do not think that i am the only person in the world who can manage the exit. in fact, one of the things i hope to accomplish, and was not entirely successful at, as a governor, or chairman of the federal reserve, was to try to de-personalize monetary policy and raise recognition of the fact that this is a distinguished institution. we have a dozen -- dozens of ph.d. economists were trying to understand these issues and implement our policy tools. there is no single person who is essenti
in with john with the traffic. janu the traffic. >> minimal damage has been reported and the accident has been cleaned up for the tunnel a big rig went through. >> the golden gate bridge is required. a 23 minute drive time from navto to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. >> looking at the mass for your east bay ride. the lines have been called off an oakland north bound 80 because of construction. about 5:00 a.m. hercules to macarthur maize drive time is about 13 minutes. south bay looking quiet. 101 northbound right through downtown problem free prin. the problem free through marin county going toward san francisco. >> thank you janu . to pedestrians were hit by a utility truck in san francisco. it happen that the 10:00. >> both the man and woman were struck were seriously injured. they have been taken to the hospital where they have been treated this morning. investigators think dense fog have been \ may have a factor there is no charges against the driver. >> in vallejo and police standoff ends with officers opening fire killing the suspect. it alit was all caught on camera by a neighbor. y
, at least we hope so. abc's john muller has the story. >> this is powerball. hey there. >> reporter: after all the anticipation and dreaming it came down to this -- >> next up 14, after that we've got lucky 13. >> reporter: last night's powerball was the 12th consecutive drawing with no winner. jackpot soaring to $320 million. this is the third jackpot in less than a year to exceed $250 million. last november two lucky ticket holders won the mother load of all lotteries, just over half a billion dollars. tickets were purchased at the lightning speed rate of over 100,000 per minute. >> that will be $20, thank you and good luck. >> reporter: why so many of these massive jackpots? >> we redesigned the game and with more money going into the game, the jackpot prize pool has doubled so more people are playing because it is growing higher. >> reporter: the ticket price doubled in january so even though fewer tickets are selling, the prices have increased about 30%. power ball is practically national currently in 32 states. your chances in winning, 1 in 175 million. so why play at all? >> they're
minneapolis to atlanta last month pleaded not guilty wednesday. his attorney said 60-year-old john hunley does admit to making an offensive racist comment but denies slapping the 19-month-old boy. his attorney says he was under stress because he was flying to atlanta where his son was dying. >>> an experimental leukemia treatment genetically alters a person's own immune cells to fight the cancer. the treatment was used on five adults with acute leukemia who tried chemotherapy. the treatment did not work for all of them. but for one patient who was severely ill, all traces of the disease apparently vanished in eight days. >>> and now for a look at what's trending today. our quick round-up of what has you talking online. lindsey vonn's new role as tiger woods' girlfriend. it features vonn recreating sharon stone's infamous leg crossing scene from the movie "basic instinct." meantime, tiger says the couple finally went public with the relationship to keep the paparazzi from stalking them. >>> a pair of internet milestones will have you wondering how we used to spend our spare time. twitter is mar
. john f kennedy was assassinated. it was played after the september 11th attacks. other selections include pink floyd's the dark side of the moon. the original cast album of south pacific and the sound track to saturday night fever. >> 8:19. new evidence the universe was born much earlier than previously thought. a look into the split second after the big bang indicates the universe is 80 million years older than earlier theories. but the core concept of how it began and what it's made of are on the right track. scientists say the evidence -- to current expans in a fraction of a second. >> 8:20. will employees at one of the nation's biggest drug store chains now have to say how much they weigh or pay more for health insurance. cvs says their employees have to report health information including their weight or pay $50 a month for health insurance. have to report their body fat and blood pressure levels. that requirement is a violation of privacy. could lead to discriminations against workers over weight. cvs says it will not be seeing the results of those screenings. >> touchy subj
republicans in the house or john boehner's party or that kind of thing more than any other president that i can remember. is this why, pause he's looking -- because he's looking toward those 2014 midterm elections? >> yeah. president obama, you can see coming out of his re-election which was a strong victory, continued to campaign for the fiscal cliff in november and december, then against the sequester early part of this year. he likes a foil. the problem for president obama is if he can't accomplish this, as i've said would be an unprecedented feat, then he's stuck with probably a duh minished senate -- diminished senate majority of democrats, maybe they even lose it to republicans, and a republican house. and then does he have a legacy? i would argue the only path to a legacy is through the fiscal hole now, and that would open up his ability to actually maybe win some seats for democrats who helped with the compromise and move on to clean fights on energy and education, immigration, other things. i think without that if he's seen as always campaigning against republicans and nothing chan
john mayberry is a 'hoop historian' having witnesses march madness some 40 times. >> it is a fun atmosphere. >> reporter: the fabled 'sweet sixteen' awaits the winner and like that guy says, everybody has a chance. >> oklahoma state, san jose we have the home field and we are going to go to the tournament let us go ducks. we are going to take down cal. >> go bears! (cheers & applause) >> reporter: the game is under way this is the escalator up to the concourse inside the pavilion. there are no cameras allowed in the area. but as you can see it there is a lot of people concessions are booming. these people left behind $90 million. i can tell you that it is under way. the nightcap as syracuse vs. montana the winner will begin planning on a satur and it will be gone on tplay on that the sweet 16-the last time there were. these fans and teams left 19-- million dollars million. >> jacqueline: because of this position of the storm and the front it is going to be breezy. right now, 60s for the most part. and antioch. 67 in santa rosa but definitely cooler along the coast. temperatures i
. state comptroller john mccain has issued a statement that san jose in appropriately transferred possession of a 13 a. site the stadium site would be located near the dear don train station just a couple of blocks of h p pavilion. this land was part of san jose's redevelopment agency before all of california's rebuild an agent for shutdown. chang said the lancet been given to the successor agency that would have sold it to pay off debts or fund schools and safety project spirit the city is working on ways to either sell the land transfer control in order to keep the deal with the athletics moving forward. >> looking at a shot of the san mateo bridge. george has just informed us we have an issue with south bound 1 01 before the golden gate bridge. all lanes are blocked. a boulder is on the road. that could have serious implications for the morning commute through marin county. our ocean spray cran-cherry juice drinks are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie -- 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last
announcer ] all chosen just for aarp members. papa john's! [ male announcer ] with new offers every week. find deals on electronics and technology. and save on tickets to exciting concerts and shows. [ taxi whistle ] c'mon, guys, the millers just got their cards, too! [ male announcer ] check out the possibilities. wherthe deals are. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's saturday, march 23rd, i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us. happy birthday obama care. today the affordable care act turns 3 years old. details on a few presents the president probably was not expecting in it. >> fertilizer found in bombs that kill american troops. now this pakistani company wants a tax break to come to the u.s. >> and hey big brother get used to it because we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. mayor michael bloomberg says you better buckle up because the eye in the sky is watching you. like london, isn't it? "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> the sun is not even up. and it must be time for fox and friends. where is my coffee? >> clayton: my sentiments exactly. w
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into custody by a u.s. naval vessel. the trial is a famous one. john quincy adams represented the mutineers arguing for their relief. what thesting piece is crew of the naval vessel to capture the ship argued. they argued they were entitled and under laws of to salvagethe law provides that the discoverer of a salvage vessel are entitled to all of its cargo, typically treasure. in this case, a human cargo. been able crew argued that they were entitled to ownership -- the naval crew argued that they were entitled to ownership. how is this different from the passengers on horton's speck of dust? horton faces the peril of that. own the common law and our disability faces and owners position of wrongfully taken property. it is for that reason we feel the winter ckersham brothers come. here the reader or young listener becomes a implicit in his ownership claim. he is no longer the subjugate year of an independent people, they he is the victim of simple property that. then a great transformation in the narrative occurs. vladikoff drops the clover into a field. he makes it hard to find. vows to rec
,400. you know, it sounds like house speaker john boehner agrees with president obama when it comes to the debt crisis. listen to this. >> it could be a year, two years, three years, four years, it's not an immediate problem-- you agree with the president on that? >> yes, but his point as he went on to say in that interview is that we don't, we don't really need to do anything at this point and i would argue that we do need to do something. stuart: okay. joining us now is rich, the media watch dog. speaker boehner seems to be in line with the president, playing down the debt in the immediate future. i want to know how is the media responding to the latest salvo from speaker boehner? >> well, they're not really responding to speaker boehner and they didn't respond to the president he when he said something different on tuesday. on tuesday the president said it wasn't an immediate crisis, but he also said we had ten years, sustainable for ten years. stuart: hold on a second. are you saying that the establishment media is just ignoring the debt and what the president and speaker boehne
john kerry is meeting with hamid karzai in afghanistan. kerry said he and car size were quote on the same page on talks about the taliban. kerry is expected to discuss afghan security for the drawdown of u.s. troops by the end of 2014. >>> detroit's new state 57 pointed emergency manager began first day meeting with some city council members. of kevyn orr is an attorney who represented chrysler during its restructuring. orr will try to fix the fiscal crisis over his 18-month term. the motor city has 327 dow million budget deficit and long-term debt of $14 billion. >>> britain's prince harry is returning to the united states. the just announced visit will happen in may and includes stops in washington d.c., new york, new jersey, and colorado. the visit is on behalf of charities he works with and this time las vegas is not on the itinerary. those are the headlines. back to ashley. ashley: probably mother's urging. fox news's lauren green, thank you very much. >>> cyprus agreed to bailout by shrinking the banking system with wealthy depositers taking a big hit. our next guest say
. john malone's libya media is buying a stake in charter communications. feeling low in log on to facebook. researchers say looking at your own profile can boost your mood because users typically post positive photos and updates and that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. connell: a very important topic right now, race to save for retirement is on, of course, but many are not confident if you look at the new numbers. 28% of americans surveyed by the employee benefit research institute have no confidence, zero confidence that they'll have enough money to retire comfortably. number is up from 10% just five years ago. dagen: mark is cofounder and chief investment officer at highland capital management joining us now. mark, when you have anthony sanders who teaches at george mason on earlier and we were talking about the declining prosperity of the middle class, how do you get people to change a mindset and that's put away what little excess money they have every month? >> well, confidence certainly is the topic of this survey, right? if
advocates like new york city comptroller john lu. if that happens, we'll know this, there will be going on this debate through the year, what you will see a guy lee raymond, former exxon ceo, a board member, considered the top board member at jpmorgan he would be the chairman if the role is split. point out this is active discussion inside jpmorgan. dimon believes that if it thing is split, raymond becomes the chairman, dimon the ceo the management and the company will not materially change. i think that is a pretty big deal. jamie dimon will still be running the company but he, you know you will have lee raymond as the chairman the way this works. the operational stuff basically gets headed by jamie dimon. the chairman role, that is someone kind of a check and a balance on the ceo. does not play a direct role. that's where we are right now. jamie dimon has come under a lot of pressure. saw some of the stuff from the office of come froler of the currency coming down lower in trading. carl levin committee hearings recently on the london whale fiasco. then you have all these investor advo
down to florida, there was the report last week john paulson was potentially thinking about puerto rico. >> puerto rico. >> but this whole idea, we always say that -- i always say they live in new york and they don't want to leave. all of a sudden, people -- look at phil mickelson. he was the netjet guy, right? >> he said ta 62% of his money is going to different taxations. so -- >> bill maher, you have to work hard to lose him. >> i'm seeing a change in activity in that special group of people that are driving things. we should have asked michelle about that. she's always on. >> but i'm also seeing, andrew, today, you're 36. 30 is the new 40. >> i like the way you talk about these other tenth percenters as if they're other people. we have to go again. >> coming up, a live report from europe. stocks are selling off in early trading after news about cyprus. . a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your
john carter goes to mars or something. >> that was a bad movie. >> everything you touch you want to invest in animation, pickscarxar the adventures. >> a very powerful franchise. >> thank you for your insight. always welcome. rob can be found on our 24/7 news channel, has won 93. >> let us conducted on the forecast. >> good morning james a live look at the golden gate bridge. we see high clouds have filtered in. that is expected as we are waiting for some rain to arrive in the bay area. the will talk about seven a minute. for today expect an increase in cloud the route the afternoon they will thicken. tomorrow cloudy the rain starts mainly in the evening. a few spots could see it as early as late afternoon. wednesday, morning rain for that commute. we could see afternoon clearing along with showers that will be hit and miss drop the day. temperatures now not to bad. 40 now in downtown san francisco. 54 in oakland. a lower fifties in redwood city. 50 in concord. vallejo '40's. napa 46. novato at 45 degrees. >> cloud seven filtering in. they will continue to thicken throughout the
his degree from the john hopkins university public health school. we also have the director of public policy -- excuse me, public health policy and the office of health reform of u.s. of services where she oversees the coordinated and timely implementation of the public-health prevention and health care workforce. previously, the oldest lease share the test was with her for the caucus. she is a master of health and administration at the university of north carolina and her undergraduate education at the university of california berkeley. we had advocacy for it federal programs. and the national hiv aids strategy. he completed his work in psychiatry and begin with hiv career in 2003. he shortly learned of his own hiv diagnosis at that time. and we have the deputy director who builds consumer participation in the health care system. she has more than 25 years of experience and is responsible for developing and supervising technical-based assistant programs, including health reform. and she teaches a course in community organizing. in 2004 and 2005, she was one of modern health careis 10
. the game publisher of electronic arts says it's ceo john riccitiello will step down the of the month. he says he was accountable for the company's missing operational targets. ebay has blame named larry probespros executive chairman while it searches for replacement. the video-game maker says its revenue and earnings per share will be at the low end or below its january guidance. >> welcome back a 28 a m and a live look from our van ness roof. we have changes in store for us whether wise, but let's hope things are changing for the better first with traffic. >> we are seeing some improvement on highway 4 and the westbound direction. drive times continued to improve. at this hour, we're still looking at heavy traffic. jackie sissel has the mind during this right. it seems as though at least from the picture, and the last 15 minutes that things of surge to loosen up a little? >> they have, but you have to remember i'm really far westbound. the accident happened earlier this morning but things are starting to clear up. anyone knows westbound in the morning that even on the best days this is
's also an alumnus of the peace corps program had received his master of public health from the johns hopkins university school of hygiene and public health in this batch servers in chemistry from kalamazoo college. welcome. we also have myra alvarez, director of public health policy and the office of health reform at the u.s. department of health and human services, where she oversees a coordinated attempt implementation of the public health prevention and health care work for policy provision in the affordable care act. also. previously she served as legislative assistant within senate majority whip dick durbin from illinois as legislative assistant for the power summit shared the task force are the congressional hispanic caucus. this alvarez received her university of north carolina at chapel hill and undergraduate education at the university of california berkeley. we have highly wednesday with us as well, director of legislative or public affairs for the national minority aids council. he's a for communities of color and advocacy's programs. mr. lindsey is particularly focused on
. pete takes on john. simon and melissa, i know you'll be looking forward to that. >> you bet. >> if you're flying soon, expect it to be crowded can planes packed and airlines willing to pay more, airlines are going further to win over high paying customers. the story sure to infuriate many fliers out there. >> i think it's going to infuriate the people counting on an upgrade to first class. united this week is bringing back the ps service on flights between the two hubs in los angeles and san francisco and the hub at jfk new york. these are live seats in business flats. united has stripped out and used fewer seats for the business class in hopes of getting more revenue. what are we seeing with the airlines? all of them are moving in this direction. they're adding premium service because they're targtding corporate customers in the entertainment industry, financial services, industries that will pay for that extra service. >> united will have fewer premium cabinet seats in the new configuration. delta has only 16 premium cabin seats. american's configuration is unknown. they are trying t
's important that we make sure that we sustain this through the fighting season. over. >> hi, general. john harper. what would you estimate the size of the insurgency to be at this point? and how many insurgents have laid down their arms and gone through the formal reintegration process? on that latter point, plus-5,000 have formally entered the re-integration process. and it's very difficult to put a head count on how large the insurgency is. not least because i think it's always quite difficult to be clear about who the enemy always is. i mean, i always use the term insurgency and i use that in a very precise term because an insurgent is somebody who wishes to knock over the government. there are a lot of other people who may well be involved in criminality or furthering their own economic or political agendas who might not wish to upset the government and therefore be formally described as insurgents. so i think how you categorize who the enemy is is very much determined by motivation and i think it's a point that we need to keep focusing on as we try and understand the political dynamic
for that. let's get to john harwood with breaking news. >>> a new normal and fiscal policy in washington. two votes back-to-back. one, approving the ryan budget, which is a polarizing document, as the democrats are polarizing. they also passed the continuing resolution to keep the government funded past march 27th. that was one where they cooperated in a bipartisan way. you had a majority of republicans voting for the bill. democrats also voting for the bill. washington has decided no more crisis. we're not going to shut down the government. you can expect more when the debt limit reaches its conclusion later in the year. they're not going to have a crisis over that, but you'll have a long-term discussion about taxes and what to do in the long term. but in the short term, they're trying to keep it as smooth as possible. that'sen extension of the government funding through the rest of the year. >> cypress must find billions of euros to avert a financial melt jen down. can it be done? we'll speak to professor of economic for her take in just a few. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia
's education or infrastructure or the research and development that creates the kinds of johns that the senator from minnesota has focused on. we on this side do really deeply understand the need to manage our debt and deficit responsibly. it is why we have put forward a credible approach, a balanced approach that makes sure we are cutting in many programs that the presiding officer and i care deeply about, but understanding that this is the time that we are in, that we have to relook at these programs and manage them effectively and we've done that in our budget. mr. president, there are many tough choices that we have in front of us, but the tough choices we have put forward in this budget reflect the balance that the american people have asked us to do in our budget approach and i look forward to having it passed, sometimes i'm sure in the wee hours of this this morning but moving us to a place where we can work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle and both sides of this city to come together in a way that gets us back on a path so we're not managing this country from crisis to crisis
have hit a snag. state comptroller john change is is to issue a report that says the city of san jose and appropriately transferred possession of a 13 a. site. the proposed 80 would have been located near the deride don train station just a couple blocks south of h-p pavilion. this land as part of san jose's redevelopment ag agency before all the california is redevelopment agencies were shut down. chang says the plan should of been given a successor agency that should have sold it to pay off debts or fun school and safety projects. the city is working on ways either sell the land transfer control in order to keep the deal with the athletics moving forward. >> a judge in sacramento as did the liberal that sam francisco 49ers are entitled to $30 million in tax funds that santa clara voters approved earmarked for the team's new stadium. the ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by the 49ers. the team did not respond to requests for comment because the decision could still be appealed. the withheld funds are not expected to slow construction of a $1.2 billion stadium. new details an
rebuilding america it is about the land of the free and the home of the brave. >> olympic gold medalist john carlos discusses his personal experience. live saturday at 8 p.m. eastern part of "book tv." >> a discussion on egypt economy and upcoming elections. congressr members of talk about partisanship and their experiences on capitol hill. later we will get another look at the joint press conference with president obama and king abdullah. egypt remains divided with clashes continuing between supporters of the muslim brotherhood and those who oppose this government. theyshington on thursday, talk about egyptian politics and implications for the united states. personally oversaw the research or this project. she twisted my arm into doing this event, so thank you, and also to michele and samer. i will begin by rolling out the study that was released today, the type line was that egypt is not lost to islamists. non-islamists are increasingly competitive, in certain areas of the country, and should they choose to contest future elections, they are likely to pick up seats on their islamist rivals
stayed the sale in john at 9.8%. however, the state saw the second largest increase in jobs with 254,000 added. here's a look at where we stand in the bay area. all counties are below the state average. marin county has the lowest unemployment rate at 5.5% while alameda and contra costa county are sitting at 8.2%. >>> the military mistakenly sent furlough notices to some national guard members. the notices were for two weeks unpaid time off. the defense department initially said it would send the notices to some 800,000 civilian employees at the end of this week because of the automatic sequester budget cuts. but the pentagon delayed notification after congress passed legislation to move some money around. the national guard is now working to rescind those notices. >>> bay area commuter airportses have avoided the budget axe. the faa released a list of the towers that would be shut down. towers at sacramento executive and salinas municipal airports will be closing. we've created this map which shows you some of the northern california airports. santa rosa, san carlos, napa, and the o
. we could see some rain as we head into saturday and sunday. >> secretary of state john kerry says he's made cleared to direct it should not allow around to use its air space suit ship weapons and fighters to syria. u.s. officials believe stickman's on iranian overflights are transported weapons and fighters to the embattled syrian government. kerrey says i iraq's behavior and allowing use of the aerospace raises questions about the country's reliability as a partner. >> police in georgia say an anonymous tip to help them make arrests and the shooting death of a 13 month old baby in a stroller. someone saw a person crowds in the backseat of a vehicle as it drove away from a shooting on thursday. detectives followed up and arrested a 14 year-old suspect. the boys' team that led them to take 17 year-old de'marquise elkins into custody. airport officials in birmingham alabama are trying to figure out how a three under par on arrival departure panel fell on to a family friday. the mother of a boy who was killed remains hospitalized with her on injuries in the still unaware of what happene
not to pay them the same. >> is this going to make an impact, this book? >> i think it has. look at john chambers at cisco putting out a memo to his company saying they haven't done enough. not just on the pay gap but the percentage of women that are at management level. i think it's already made a huge impact. >> let's turn to this tax issue. we have seen amazon deal with it on a state by state basis. the stock hasn't really reflected the sort of lingering concern over state sales tax spp this a game changer for the industry or not? >> well, i think -- i think what's happened is this was supposed to be a few years and it's now been about 20. so i think it was good at the beginning but it's been unfair to other retailers, which is why should -- if either everybody collects the tax or nobody collects the tax. i'm not for taxes at all on these kinds of goods but i think it's got to be fair for everybody because it hurts local businesses if internet companies can do it without tax. but for us, our agenda is we don't think students should be paying tax on any educational material. they're al
finished? we are finished, sorry. [applause] >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry and afghan president karzai made a show of unity today. short after the u.s. military ceded control of its last detention facility in afghanistan. secretary kerry is in afghanistan for an unannounced 24 hour visit. he said he and president karzai were on the same page when it comes to peace talks with the taliban. >> coming up on c-span2, the fbi's top lawyer on how law-enforcement investigations are keeping up with new technology without breaking the law. that's followed by a house appropriations subcommittee looking into agriculture department spending. then "the communicators" with commissioner robert mcdowell. >> the nation's highest court is holding oral arguments this week on to gay marriage cases. the first people got in line thursday, and now the going rate for saving a seat is around $6000. a couple weeks ago director rob reiner explained why this is drawing such interest. here's a portion of what he had to say. >> one of the reasons we took on proposition eight, aside from the obvious reasons of
there was one, john samson, our stage director reminded me, he's right. this is one of the e-mails that came out in this case was, hold on a second i want to get it for you here, where the person said we'll all get that together and-- pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. here it is, this is introduced by the prosecution in this case. by one police chief, he's not on trial here today, but he wrote one e-mail in 2009 to the bell city administrator, the assistant. she's going to get her own trial, one of the two who gets a special trial and writes, i'm looking forward to seeing you and taking all of bell's money. and then he writes, okay, just a share of it. and then she respond, lol, well you can take your share of the pie just like us, we'll all get fat together. bob rizzo, the other one getting his own trial, has an expression he likes to use on occasion, pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. so long as we're not hogs, all is well. and what the jury is doing, right? six people who are on trial today. we'll find out why the jury has a difficult time reaching the decision, we hope, and what that deci
journal" reports john malone's liberty media is close to buying a 25% stake in the company. the deal is estimated roughly $2.5 billion. this would mark malone's first purchase of a u.s. cable company since selling telecommunications to at&t in 1999. >>> airbus winning a biggest deal in the aircraft maker's history. lion air buying 24 planes. the first planes are expected to be delivered next year. >>> nearly one in three employees said they took a hardship loan from the 401(k) last year. that is up from 2011. women, lower income workers and younger workers needed the money despite a improving job market. that's the latest from the fox business. giving you the power to prosper melissa: steve cohen and the people at sac capital were said to be in a joyous move after last week's settlement of insider trading charges but should he be? fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino has the latest. >> i would say no. clarification from last week. i got off the phone with goldman sachs. their main convention when we did the story about manwin. porn company and company that commits porn
around john daly boulevard. the off ramp there, no unusual slowings. i will track that for you. the northbound and south bay continue to build. >> we will have another local update in one half hour from now. we'll see you then. ♪ >>> 7:30 on this monday morning. we are getting a view of the queen. a new documentary just out reveals her quirks and all. live to buckingham palace for the highlights. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. >> a lot of fans of those "50 shades of grey" block are clamoring to know who will be starring in the movies when they come out. one young star is speaking out about rumors surrounding her possible role. we will tell you more about that. >>> then tight rope daredevil luke wallenda joins us. he has a big announcement about his next stunt. it is a doozy. >>> first, dignitaries from all over the world or descending on rome ahead of tomorrow's installation of pope francis. we're welcoming back a familiar face to our viewers. maria shriver is at the vatican for us this morning. good to see you again. >> reporter: nice to see you too, savannah. it
brain surgeon right now at johns hopkins. he's retiring. >> alisyn: in 102 days. he's really counting down. obviously he loved his stellar career, which has been wonderful. but i think he's looking forward to the next chapter. >> brian: he does think the president, he indicates the president is trying the country. >> alisyn: the policies are. he hasn't had any personal attacks, but he doesn't like the policies. >> steve: he does not. meanwhile, we've got another fox news alert for you. president obama landing in israel within the last hour or so for his first visit there as president. his first trip of the second term internationally. there is a full schedule on tap. leeland vittert is live right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. this trip is clearly about imagery, about rebuilding the relationship not only between the united states and israel, proving it's an unbreakable bond, but also trying to work on the relationship between president obama and prime minister netanyahu, which is notoriously frosty, even frigid. you saw that at play as they were down there walking along th
and fought at the battle of navareno. in turn john and fotius, orphans of the greek war of independence became passionate abolitionists in america. they were a member of the educational commission of boston and new york. f.s.c. a u.s. navy chaplain helped slaves find freedom by supporting the underground railroad. in 1922, recently arrived greek immigrants organized the american hellenic educational and progressive association in georgia to defend themselves against the ku klux klan. a helpa went on to help countless greek immigrants to assimlate into american society and weighed in on many of the most significant social issues of our time. including the movement for civil rights. archbishop, leader of the greek orthodox church of america, carried that commitment forward when he marched alongside martin luther king jr. in selma, alabama, in 1965. an iconic photograph of those two great leaders appeared on the cover of "life" magazine. the historical relationship of these two proud communities embodies the greatness of america. on march 25 when we celebrate greek independence day, we sal
. -- john rider and rick jones. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mrs. murray: finally, mr. president, i ask unanimous consent the period of debate for economic goals and policy under section 305-b of the congressional budget act occur on march 21 at a time to be determined by the two managers. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mrs. murray: thank you, mr. president. we are now on the floor of the senate with the budget. i want to thank my counterpart, mr. sessions, for all his work and his staff's work and my staff's to get us to the point here that we are debating this bill and this amendment. senator sessions has been very gracious in working with us. we have gotten to this. we obviously have differences of opinion, but i want to commend him for the tremendous amount of work he has put into this. it's going to be great to be working with him on the floor. mr. president, when i go back home to washington state, my constituents tell me that they are sick and tired of the gridlock and dysfunction here in washington, d.c. they can see that our economy
to the newport news shipyard. i was there last state for a wonderful occasion honoring former senator john warner. this is a shipyard we're proud of. we manufacture the largest and most sophisticated items manufacturedden the planet earth in the commonwealth of virginia, nuclear aircraft carriers and they're manufactured and reif yorefurwed at this shipyard. but it is technical expertise. you have them in heal to toe for months. the next one comes in. if you get out of line or delay, everything gets backed up. then your shipping fleet isn't as opposingal as it should be. there was a dry dock that had been filled in because the lincoln was supposed to be coming in -- or the truman coming in for a new refurb and it was stopped because they couldn't start work because of sequester and uncertainty about the c.r. many other shipyards in the hampton roads area that are private, small ship repairs, without the financial muscle of a huntingtoington ingle sext hae issued warnings that they would have to scale back on repairs. these are some of the effects of repairs. i went to a national guard armory in s
'm delighted that john mccain has joined us on this to make this a bipartisan initiative. they show great leadership together. and i'm delighted to join them. and with that, mr. president, and with my great appreciation to chairman levin, i will yield the floor. mr. levin: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from michigan. mr. levin: first let me thank senator whitehouse. he has been a leader in this effort for a long, long time, and his support here is critical and really will make a difference. how much time do i have remaining? the presiding officer: 14 minutes remaining. mr. levin: i would yield 7 minutes to the senator from connecticut. the presiding officer: the senator from connecticut is recognized. mr. blumenthal: thank you, mr. president. i want to add my thanks to the chairman of the armed services committee and the leader in this effort to close some of these abusive and unnecessary and wasteful loopholes, and thank also senator whitehouse and senator mccain for their leadership in this effort, which is about fundamental fairness. but most important, let me thank
, when pope john paul ii was shot and critically wounded by metlib ali abjab. >> it wasn't a pope mobile back then, it was an open jeep and he shot and killed hill. >> reporter: fences were erected and magnetometers were installed, hidden in the colonadde to stand everyone who goes inside st. peter's basilica. for events like today's installation, more security is visible. while pope francis may be seeking a simpler papacy, which includes turning down the trappings of the office, this humble priest who used to ride the bus to work may have to get used to being one of the most recognizable people in the world. >> it's very difficult to tell someone that they have overnight become the target of potentially tens of thousands of people's ire. >> reporter: while hurricane francis may settle into a routine t makes you wonder is there anyone who can say no to a pope who wants to express his love for his people? >> francis has shown that he wants to be outgoing and he wants to go out and touch people, so they will have to allow him to do that, and be as careful as possible. >> that's right, they
. on the other end of the connection was john paisley. work.d come to report to lehman. declaim and will chair at 0900. he further stated the combined armies of egypt and syria would attack israel in four hours and there was nothing the israelis could do to stop the attack because it takes tel aviv defense force is 72 hours to mobilize. my on the question was, are you certain? he said henry kissinger was called to inform -- w. to langley to confirm. then i turned leghman it was in the car waiting. then we went to the pentagon there were a lot of notable military and intelligence officers, help the number of action officers racing back and forth. reports were flowing egyptian forces were poised -- or were crossing the canal. the intelligence for increase. intelligence reports increased. we have reports of dogfights between israeli and syrian aircraft. saidhis point dick leghman leman, we can do no good here and i suggest we return where we might be able to do good. that was a very interesting and paralyzing event. when we returned to langley, all of the senior officers were present. of middlem
, then inouye, and then also -- so, ted stevens, john stennis and danny inouye. he has done a great job for the appropriations committee and a great job for america. he was the 23rd staff director, he kept the trains running, the committee working, maneuvering the committee through budget minefields. but the passing away of senator inouye, he was on my side and at my side. he gave advice and guidance during periods that were invaluable. it is not only the way he helped me, it is the way he helped us get the job done and govern. i ask that my full tribute be included in the record and i yield the floor. the presidin the presiding officer: without objection. the senator from washington. mrs. murray: i would ask that this discussion come off the resolution time. the presiding officer: the senator is recognized. mrs. murray: mr. president, i would ask consent that the time that's being consumed now come off the resolution. the presiding officer: without objection. the presidin mrs. murray: mr. president, let me ask all of the senators, women, who are down they're talk about the importance o
. an anonymous buyer spent more than $360,000 on the dress she wore to dance with actor john travolta. the winning bidder says he bought it to cheer up his wife. >>> a vintage fashion auctioneer sold ten of diana's dresses for $1.3 million. the late princess originally sold the pieces at a charity auction in new york shortly before her death in 1997. the item that drew the highest bid was the velvet gown diana wore to a white house dinner in 1985. she was photographed on the dance floor with the "saturday night fever" star. most of the bids came from abroad. the museums in britain snapped up two of the gowns. >>> tokyo's station and new york's grand central station have become sisters. grand central celebrated its 100th anniversary last month and tokyo station will do the same next year. ♪ the station masters of the two landmarks held a twinning ceremony in new york on tuesday. they signed an agreement and exchanged caps. the union is being celebrated with visitors enjoying sake and ichiban lunch backs like those sold at japanese railway stations.os like those sold at japanese railw
know our attorney team john is here. congratulations for all the hard work, as well as michael. thank you for helping us through the entire environmental impact reports and all that took many, many years of dedicated work. we really appreciate that. and without further ado, terrific tenure, president of the board, district supervisor david chiu, thank you so much. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> good morning. the sun is shining on north beach today. i am so happy to be here. i think it's amazing that in the week that we celebrate the giants, we are also celebrating a real tribute to the best baseball legend in history, joe dimaggio! [ applause ] as our librarian just said, the very first meeting i took, even before he was sworn-in, after i was elected was about
capita than nearly any other state, montanans proudly answer when dutily calls. the book of john, chapter 15, verse 13, says greater love hath no man than this than that a man lay down his life for his friends. on this anniversary, remember the montanans and all americans who laid down their lives in the name of freedom. on my family ranch near wolf creek, montana, there is a willow tree that sways in the wind that stretches in the sun. on july 29, 2006, my nephew marine corporal phillip baucus was killed during combat operations in iraq's al-anbar province. he was just 28 years old. he was laid to rest on the same mountain where my father lies. the same branch where he had married his lovely katherine less than a year earlier. phillip was a bright and dedicated young man. he was like a son to me. my brother john and i planted that willow tree on the ranch in memory of phillip. we also planted a pine tree nearby. i'm not the only montanan who has grieved. 40 montanans have lost their lives in iraq and afghanistan. we grieve for them all. we miss them all. we must honor their courage by li
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